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News :: LTLT Training in Vienna, 11th October 2011
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LTLT Training in Vienna, 11th October 2011

A new training for Educators on 'Learning to Live Together (LTLT)' was organized by  Interkulturelles  Zentrum  ( in Vienna, Austria, on 11th October 2011. The workshop, entitled “Werte in einer globalisierten Welt” (“Values in a globalised world”)  was carried out by trainer Rebecca Zeilinger from NGO Interkulturelles  Zentrum within the framework of a micro project called “Schule Global”, financed by the Austrian Development Agency. Read more
The group of participants was composed of 12  teachers and other multipliers interested in working on values- related issues.

The purpose of this training workshop was to introduce participants to the LTLT Manual as a valuable educational tool  to promote four key values : Respect,  Responsibility, Reconciliation  & Empathy, that help us to live together  in a peaceful way. Participants discovered how they could use the LTLT Manual with children in heterogeneous class rooms and/or groups composed,often, of children from deprived areas and at risk of exclusion. The main issues participants are faced with in their context are:  lack of respect, peer group pressure, bullying and violence.

The activities used were based on the LTLT manual, in order to experience firsthand the learning process as well as the participatory approach embedded in the LTLT manual.    
Activities included, inter alia, “Ball in the air” , “The stars” and “What I stand for” and “The heart”.                      

At the end of the LTLT Training, participants’ feedback was very positive.
The primary school teachers particularly thanked me and told me how much they will be able to “bring back into their class rooms” said Rebecca Zellinger.

This capacity-building event was part of a series of workshops and teacher trainings conducted in the framework of “Schule Global”.

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